Google Play supports fingerprint scanner

When Google announced official support for devices with fingerprint scanners to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, it was expected that this will be the impetus for the expansion of functionality for the technology. And now it has been confirmed that users can be authenticated to Google Play using fingerprint scanners.

Google Play supports fingerprint scanner

Support for authentication using fingerprints comes as part of the new store, which was gorgeous redesign, but for some reason Google does not have the ability to enable this feature by default on devices that have fingerprint scanners.

Therefore, to enable the authentication function of the fingerprint, users need to manually do this in the settings.

This, of course, make a confirmation spend in the Play store much easier, but perhaps it will also be a reason for the increase impulse purchases, as long as the user types the password, he has more time to see if he needs an application indeed.

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