Google Play supports promo codes

Google has introduced a promotional code for Google Play, enabling developers to create and distribute codes for paid apps and purchases of applications.

Google Play supports promo codes

For example, a developer can hold a competition, the results of which the winners can get a paid app, or certain purchases within applications for free, using promotional codes.

However, developers who want to take advantage of promotional codes must be aware of some limitations. Google says that developers can create up to 500 promo codes in the quarter, and this number is the total for paid apps and in-app purchases.

Also unused promo codes are not transferred between the squares, so developers will lose access to promotional colas, remaining from the previous quarter. Finally, developers can set expiration dates for the stock of one year.

Support for promo codes on Google Play has been highly requested feature, so it is quite nice to see this feature. If you are a developer and are interested in testing this feature, you can visit the Google support site to learn how to generate promo codes for the application.

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