Google Play v6.2 adds recommendations from Gmail

Google updated its corporate app store. Google Play store to version 6.2. And if you opened this article, then obviously you want to know what the update includes.

Google Play v6.2 adds recommendations from Gmail

The update there was one obvious feature, although it is not so big: Play Store can now use Gmail, enable users to application recommendations.

This addition of a new switch is configured and when it is activated on Google receives permission to issue recommendations based on the letters that have been found in your Gmail account.

What does it mean? For example, after you book an air ticket and get confirmation on Gmail, Google Play will offer you an application for the airline.

Or, perhaps, you will be offered an application for translation and language learning, if you are going to another country.

This is a pretty cool feature, especially if the user need some advice based on something more useful than the estimates for his friends.

Obviously, some people will feel as if it is an invasion of privacy, so they can turn off this option if you did not like it.

In addition, two tabs have been changed in the navigation box. “My desires” They were renamed “A wish list” and swapped places with tab “Redeem“.

The application code indicated that soon on Google Play will have a new tab – namely, the family library applications. Runoff indicate that the family library will note that bought one of the family members, as well as the ability to disable the family library to personalize the application.

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