Google Play will return to China next year

Google left China in 2010. The reason for this was the refusal to censor search results as required by the Chinese government. However, Android continues to dominate the Chinese market, and this forced the company to reconsider its position.

Google Play will return to China next year

According to a Reuters report, Google plans to launch in China, a special version of Google Play in 2016.
This is not the first time we heard about Google’s return to China.

Areport a few months ago claimed that Google is working on a stripped-down versiets Google Play in China. We also saw hints of China’s support within the application. According to Reuters, a game store will be the first step for the implementation of the remaining services in the future. However, over the five years of absence, the Google, local players have strengthened their positions in the card segment, in the search and other services.

Of course, Google will have to abide by Chinese laws storage and content filtering. Google Play is seen as a good move, as there will be less content that the Chinese government considers undesirable compared to something like a search.

The main game store on Google in China will also be a legitimate, safe place for users to get the application. Repositories, which are Chinese applications, often teeming with malware and scams.

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