Google Play will show the video on the main screen

Google is deploying a small but significant change in their app store. Now, Google Play will show the video trailers on the main application screen.

Google Play will show the video on the main screen

Until now, Google Play main screen consists of a list of applications that are grouped in categories, such as personalization, new and updated games, or individual sections for certain categories of applications.

Now on the main screen will be new cards that will promote the specific application via video. The card entitled “Rate this video“It indicates videos that you usually see by clicking on the app install screen.

There are also pop-up menu, which includes options for installation of the advertised application, or add it to the list of desires and the ability to close the card.

It is not clear how Google chooses the applications that are going to push through this opportunity, but considering the fact that other categories are grouped on your interests, this section can also work in a similar way.

For the most part, it is quite a small change for the user, but for application developers is a good opportunity to present their applications and games.

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