Google promises compatibility with all applications Cardboard VR-devices



Google leaps and bounds moving towards the day when virtual reality technology is firmly enter into the life of every human being and become as commonplace as smartphones today. However, the giant corporation understands that the best results can only be achieved if you combine the efforts of developers.

Google promises compatibility with all applications Cardboard VR-devices

That is why the development of virtual reality headset is open source and anyone can make their own adjustments to the device. While it is beneficial to the project in terms of diversity and quality of devices, developers previously could face the incompatibility Cardboard applications with their child.

Guglovtsy find a way out of the situation and launched a project «Works with Cardboard». With it, developers will be able to check whether it is possible to use applications for Cardboard on their device. In addition, the creators will be able to enter basic specifications such as focal length and the distance between the lens and get the QR-code for your device. After scanning a QR-code placed on the device, the program will automatically «be tailored» under the features of the device, thereby nullifying the compatibility issues.

Manufacturers will be able to certify their product and after the test to use the logo «It works with Google Cardbord». However, Google sets the framework for some fancy flying developers: the company issued guidance on the design of the device, which established requirements for ease of use.

This is not the only surprise that Google prepodnёs fans of virtual reality. The company released an updated Cardboard SDK, a new collection in the category Cardboard for applications will be launched in the Play Store. In addition, Google wants to introduce surround sound in Cardboard. To this end, the development of attracted specialists from Trinity College Dublin.

In general, Google does not intend to stop, and faster and faster approach to ensure that the virtual reality technology has become popular, but the most interesting is still ahead of us.

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