Google provides a 360-degree video advertising

Earlier this year, the popular video sharing YouTube the opportunity to view the panoramic video, moving in different directions using the phone or the mouse cursor. New technology rushed to take advantage of large companies such as Coca-Cola and Nike, placing a 360-degree video on their channels to attract more customers.

Google provides a 360-degree video advertising

The idea was more than successful, as evidenced statistics: panoramic video, dedicated to the centennial of Coca-Cola, viewed by 36% more people than a similar standard video. Given this fact, «Corporation of Good» I hastened to give advertisers the ability to use the panoramic video as commercials.

The first company to launch a 360-degree ad, was the company Bud Light, what you can see on the seen below.

If you wanted to create a panoramic video to advertise your product or service on YouTube, then we must use the following supported devices: Ricoh Theta, Kodak SP360, Giroptic 360cam and IC Real Tech Allie.

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