Google published a proliferation of Android

Google has published the monthly report of the fragmentation of the operating system Android, according to which Android 6.0 Marshmallow growth does not show the best results.

Google published a proliferation of Android

Traditionally, the data for the report were collected in a 7-day period ending on the 1st day of the month. The report tells us that the Marshmallow is now installed on more than 1% of all Android-devices used around the world. More specifically, 1.2% of devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Of course, for the new version of the operating system is a major leap from last month, when only 0.7% of all Android-devices using 6.0, but the percentage is still very low, given the fact that the new version of Android has been available since October 2015 (almost four months ago).

KitKat is still the most used version of Android, powering 35.5% of the devices, but still below the 36.1% is indicated in the last month. Lollipop installed on 34.1% of devices, while Jelly Bean (which was first released in 2012) can still be found on 23.9% of devices.

We can not say that we are surprised by the small percentage of devices that use the Android Marshmallow, because the new version of Android always require a lot of time to reach a significant number of smartphones and tablets. However, this figure was too small compared to the proliferation of Android Lollipop last year. Hopefully, by next month Marshmallow add at least another 1%.

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