Google published the February security update

February batch updates to Nexus devices began its deployment today, and a few hours later updated AOSP. As usual, the new images were changes, which we’ll talk.

Google published the February security update

This month, Google decided to fully focus on sealing the most vulnerabilities, which can be used by hackers for illegal actions.

Google has released a security bulletin with the list of errors found in this version, and you can see some pretty big “holes”. Five elements were marked as critical, including two that allow the remote execution of the code without user interaction, and the remaining three can be used to improve application privileges.

Four other high-priority issues, as well as a moderate, too, have been identified and corrected. It is important to note that some of these problems were solved by updating proprietary binaries, not AOSP code, which explains why the changes are quite small.

Several users have already checked out the latest updates and reports that the error mode “Do not disturb” still relevant. Judging by the lack of changes in the code for Doze mode, it looks like we will have to wait a little longer before you begin Marshmallow save energy better.

Perhaps the most important functions of correction we will get to upgrade 6.0.2, and we hope it will happen soon.

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