Google published the results of activities in VR

The Google blog post appeared today in which Clay Beyvor, the new vice president of VR department at Google has published brief statistics Cardboard program.

Google published the results of activities in VR

It’s quite interesting, because Google recently decided to substantially strengthened in the virtual reality segment, the search began for the various employees of this sector.

Thus, over 19 months has sold more than five million different variations of Cardboard, including the NYT Cardboard, Star Wars Cardboard and Mattel Cardboard.Kompaniya Google works effectively on the VR market, supplying the basic features of a virtual reality helmet.

Another important point in the report is that for all the time it was downloaded about 25 million VR-compatible applications, and this figure relates only to Google Play. Also, the report pointed out that almost 350 thousand. Watch YouTube content has been reviewed by a virtual reality helmet.

Perhaps one of the most useful programs that are initiated by Google – use of VR for education. The company mentioned in the report that 500,000 students have spent the expedition via VR-set, and the search giant is confident that this is not the limit.

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