Google removed 13 applications from Google Play

Thirteen applications have been removed from the Google Play store. They were part of malicious software called Brain Test.

Google removed 13 applications from Google Play

In view of the application look harmless to users and the Android operating system, but at the same time, the application could cause great harm to the device.

Google removed 13 applications from Google Play

First, malicious applications trying to get root-access. After that, they can install other malicious programs without the owner’s knowledge.

Also infected apps were able to create feykovye reviews on Google Play, luring other Android users to install them. And with root-access, even the reset could not remove them. In this case, users will have to flash the pure Android build.

The purpose of the application was to provide a guaranteed number of plants of other software developers. By creating a malicious software, hackers can fulfill the promises made by developers, earning them a lot of money. Some of the applications have been installed more than 500,000 times and received a rating of 4.5.

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