Google Search by voice to answer more complex questions

Voice search on Google has received a major update. The company announced today that the voice search can answer more complex questions in natural speech.

Google Search by voice to answer more complex questions

Update brings several different improvements, including the ability to understand the superlatives, improved understanding of questions about certain points in time, and some complex combinations.

First, Google will now have a better understanding of the issues that contain the words in the superlative degree. For example, you can specify the query «the largest city in Texas» and the search will answer instead of opening a search string. Similarly, with a better understanding of time, Google is now better able to answer questions such as «which songs Taylor Swift recorded in 2014?».

Not least, Google says they have improved the ability to voice search to understand the more complex combinations, resulting in it can give satisfactory answers to questions such as «who was president of the US team when the Angels won the World Series?»

The Company recognizes that users may still encounter some problems, as the voice search continues to improve. But still, these updates are a big step forward in understanding natural speech.

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