Google self-managed car collided with a bus

We all know that Google has begun public testing of its self-service. But there are unpleasant situations. According to Reuters, Google’s autonomous car got into an accident involving a bus.

Google self-managed car collided with a bus

It was learned that the vehicle collided with Google’s public transport when trying to get around a bag of sand on the road. In accordance with the notice of the accident, filed with the California DMV, autonomous car was traveling at a speed of less than 2 miles per hour and broke through the left side of the bus.

The car was left in stand-alone mode, in spite of the driver sitting in the driver’s seat as the driver thought that the bus will allow the vehicle to safely enter the lane. According to the report, the accident did not cause any damage.

In its monthly report for November, which, apparently, was placed in the morning today, Google said that in this case they certainly bear a certain responsibility, because if they did not move the car, there would be a collision.

According to previous reports, self-guided cars were more than 1.4 million miles driven in stand-alone mode and the participants were more than 17 accidents, but in these cases the cars were not to blame.

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