Google sell Motorola patents

When Google bought Motorola in 2012, many believed that his intentions were primarily to increase the number of mobile patent holdings. While Google has just recovered from accusations by Oracle, so companies do not want to receive complaints from other companies.

Google sell Motorola patents

Now that Android is firmly entrenched in the mobile industry, the Google no longer interested in many patents and began auctioning patents Motorola.

How to know, Google acquired Motorola for $ 12.5 billion, thus becoming the owner of 17,000 patents. From the documents it became clear that 138 US patents and 69 international patents have been sold under the hammer.

All patents relating to battery and it’s pretty strange, because Google has a number of projects related to the need to use the battery. For example, Project Loon, which requires power to maintain the LTE-20km altitude signal.

But apparently the company decided to get rid of unnecessary assets, which are unlikely to help them in their projects.

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