Google shared details of combining Android and Chrome OS

Combining Chrome OS and Android, rumors of which went to the network for many years, confirmed recently – the two operating systems will be combined in 2017. Although the plan seems feasible, the Google claims that it does not happen in the near future.

Google shared details of combining Android and Chrome OS

In a recent post on the official Google Chrome blog, the senior vice president of Android, Chrome OS, and your Chromecast, Hiroshi Lokheymer, he said that while the company is working to combine the best of two operating systems, Google has no “no plans to phase out the Chrome OS”.

Lokheymer said that they have much to do with its cloud-based system. Google plans to release additional operating system features such as a new media player, update the look in Material Design, improved performance and more security features.

“With our regular six-week cycle of software updates and guaranteed automatic renewal for five years, Chromebook gets better with time”- Lokheymer said.

Although the Google, may not be made a priority merge Chrome and Android, we definitely see more and more Android features in Chrome the OS, and vice versa.

Google recently made it possible to open the Android-application on Chrome OS using ARC Welder tool. The company also recently launched a new hybrid tablet and laptop called Pixel C, which is the first device line Chromebook running Android.

Now we can be sure that the Chrome OS is not going anywhere. At least not in the near future. Google has made it clear that the function of Chrome OS and Android will continue to penetrate into each other, and that happened for a few years before.

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