Google smartphones are used more often than a PC



Google has found that in some countries the number of searches from mobile devices surpassed desktops and tablets combined.

Google smartphones are used more often than a PC

According to recent studies, in the first quarter of 2015, 10 countries around the world using the Google search box on smartphones become more than the same operation with a PC, laptop, and «tablets». Among these countries it is called the United States and Japan. Sorry, Google did not specify a complete list of countries with high use of mobile search. The company did not name the exact number or the ratio of searches with different devices.

Counting was carried out taking into account the requests of the specialized search and Google applications, from mobile browsers. At the same time won smartphones

Google says that doing everything possible to ensure that the use of mobile search has become as easy as possible. For example, the search giant recently introduced a new search on a mobile device interface. In addition, the company has developed a new way of displaying advertisements in the mobile version of a search engine.

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