Google Sunroof – solar panel on the roof of your house

The sun produces trillions and trillions of watts per second – who would not want to use part of this energy to significantly reduce utility bills? But the installation of solar panels expensive process that requires effort and time. It is not known how soon he will be able to pay off, and whether it is paid back. To find out, it requires the involvement of many experts, but Google’s enough of your address.

Google Sunroof - solar panel on the roof of your house

Project Sunroof – a new project from Google, which wants to make the installation of solar panels easier, by providing financial advice and statistics about what solar energy can do for a particular user.

To calculate how much you can save, the project uses the data Google Maps, calculating how much sunlight a concrete roof receives in a day, how much space will take a solar panel as well as on how many days of sunshine a user can expect.

Project Sunroof even provides practical information, breaking financial plans and offering companies for the next installation.
While Project Sunroof services are available in San Francisco, Boston and Fresno, but Google plans to expand the scope of the US, and in the future, and the world.

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