Google takes the media to send data to the cloud

Back in 2013, Google has introduced a new service that will allow developers to send their hard drives on Google to import data into a cloud storage service. Today this service is expanded and given a new name: Offline Media Import / Export.

Google takes the media to send data to the cloud

With this service, developers will be able to send their physical media, including hard drives, tapes, USB Flash Drives to import data in a pre-selected cloud storage. Previously the service only poddrezhivalis drives.

According to Google, it will simplify the work of developers as soon send a CD with the help of FedEx in Google, you send 1 TB via an Internet connection. But, «Corporation of Good» It does not work alone. Google signed a partnership with Iron Mountain.

Service should become a competitor to companies like Amazon and Azure, which already offer similar services.

Now during the trial period, the search giant offers a fixed price of $ 80 per vehicle, regardless of the data volume, but unfortunately the future possible development of more flexible tariffs.

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