Google Text to Speech received a new setting

Service Google Text to Speech – is not something that is a constant subject of news. By and large, it suffices to know that it is part of the Android OS and it works. However, this case – the exception.

Google Text to Speech received a new setting

And all because Google Text to Speech has received an update that adds functionality that many will like: the user to choose the gender of the voice reproduction for each language.

Now the application will not stick to a predetermined male or female voice for certain languages. With the upgrade, the user can choose between a male and female voice, or both variations (if the language supports it).

The screen that contains the settings, a little hard to find, but it is. The Nexus devices and machines whose operating system has not been changed beyond recognition, you can find it by going to “settings”then “Language & input”. “text-to-speech”, Then click on the gear icon next to the “Google’s speech synthesizer, select “Install voice data” and tongue, and voice package that you want to use.

This is an interesting update, because it adds new features for the service, but most of the applications, it seems, it is ignored. For example, as happened with the Google Play Books and Google Maps, which do not comply with set parameters, but others, such as the Pocket, a new installation work.

Updates will be released on Google Play soon, but even in the case of this application, users will need to wait.

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