Google Translate supports translation in the annex

Google Translate is perhaps one of the most useful communication applications available on Android, but it does not mean that there is no room for improvement.

Google Translate supports translation in the annex

If you have something that you need to translate into another language, you usually had to copy the text, open the application and paste it into Google Translate. Now this method of translation of the text will disappear due to the updates that came to Google Translate.

OS Android 6.0 users will be able to translate the text into 90 different languages ​​directly from your favorite applications, such as TripAdvisor, WhatsApp, FaceBook and LinkedIn. All you need to do to use this function – go into any application that is compatible with a new feature, highlight and select the text you want to translate and click on the translation.

Google says that this feature is already included in the applications that use the new text selection.

Update application is already available on Google Play, but as noted earlier, for accessing functionality the user needs a device under the control of Android 6.0.

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