Google+ update fixes many bugs

Back in November, Google published an update to its Google+ app. Although the redesign of applications was generally viewed positively, he introduced a lot of new bugs and problems that irritated users of the application. But now it seems, Google is correct most of them, because the new update focuses directly on these errors.

Google+ update fixes many bugs

What’s new in the updated Google+. The team found and fixed about 70 bugs. That annoying black bar at the bottom of the screen now, at least, it is hidden while scrolling (though if Google do something completely different with it, it would be nice).

Search panel now shows the autocomplete suggestions as you type. There you will be prompted that encourages users to add a collection or community. It seems like a good way to give new users be aware of some functionality.

Traditionally, the update will be available in the next few days, so to get the new version should be patient.

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