Google+ updated to v7.3

In the new update the Google+ app, there’s a lot that can appeal to users. Google v7.3 not only fixes a bunch of pesky bugs, but also improves the functionality, adds a few new features and returns a single opportunity, which was not enough.

Google+ updated to v7.3

Updates brought improved performance when connected to Wi-Fi, which allows to significantly increase browsing speed when connecting to a wireless network.

developers also gave users the ability to filter notifications. Now you can see them all at once, only unread, or other filters.

Community moderation tools have been added, and you can finally delete multiple items at the same time log of activities. The upper bar, which remained, when you squandered tape collections or collections, too, is now hiding.

Finally, autocomplete search was on again. Function is disabled after the developers found a pretty serious mistake, which affected users using flight mode.

As always, the developers have also tracked down about a dozen bugs and put an end to their “misery”. Update is already in Google Play, but as usual, it takes some time before it becomes available to all users.

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