Google+ v6.9 was a change in the curtain notifications

Google has recently accelerated rate updates its application. Google+ update to version 6.9, which recently became available, change notifications tab.

Google+ v6.9 was a change in the curtain notifications

Earlier notifications tab that extends from the right side of the screen, covers about three-quarters of the display, so that under it there were other materials visible.

But when Google introduced the application version 6.8 that was released with the new interface, notifications have been moved to the bottom tab bar, that does not make sense, because they notice appear in abridged form.

In version 6.9, a notification back to its original place, but now they fill the entire screen. Also, the shutter has new icons.

This is only the visual changes that we can see right now. Naturally, the application received optimization and correction of minor errors, but it is difficult to say that it has been corrected.

Update is now available on Google Play, so that users can already download it.

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