Google was able to win AdBlock on YouTube

For a long time was the AdBlock extension rescuers opponents web advertising. This software removes the ads in most sites, however, but the problem is that the owners of Internet resources affected by the decline in revenues.

Google was able to win AdBlock on YouTube

Pagefair These studies claim that at the end of 2014 there were about 144 million users AdBlock, which is about 5% of the entire Internet community.

Perhaps it is not so fantastic figure, but as these are mainly concentrated in the western markets, even those 5% have a significant impact on earnings.

Of course, Google and some of its services also received a negative effect on the blocker services, so the company decided to take action. Judging by the complaints AdBlock users, the search giant has found a way around the block advertising on YouTube.

Google was able to win AdBlock on YouTube

According to reports, YouTube is now processing the video features, making it impossible to avoid it. It is interesting that, AdBlock users suffered doubly, because the video skip button for them n will be displayed.

Those who want to skip the video will have to either bring YouTube to the white list, or completely disable your advertising. By the way, the changes will affect not only the AdBlock users, but also those who use such software.

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