Google will change the interface Ultraviolet



Chrome app called Ultraviolet used for correspondence through Hangouts. Google designers have taken to change the interface and design of the program.

application Ultraviolet appeared in August 2014 and consists of a built-in Google Chrome browser client for Hangouts service from the same company. The program has an interesting interface: messages came in the form of translucent circles, pop-up on top of the browser tabs. Generally Ultraviolet repeated designs messenger Hangouts, executed in green.

Google will change the interface Ultraviolet

Recently, the network appeared screenshots that show that developers are going to greatly revise the design application. According to him, now the user will be available not only to the ongoing dialogue, but also add a new panel with all the latest dialogues between which you can easily navigate. Also, developers are going to add a button «Contacts». «messages» and «Voice call» the bottom panel with a list of dialogues.

While this is only a rumor, the developers can make other changes to the application. Naturally, the update release date is not yet announced.

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