Google will create an autonomous VR-headset

Earlier this week, Financial Times reported that Google is working on a new virtual reality headset, which would be comparable to the Samsung Gear VR.

Google will create an autonomous VR-headset

In other words, it will be an upgraded version of Google Cardboard, which is now used for basic VR functionality.

A new report from the Wall Street Journal, refers to the fact that Google will not simply a more advanced version of Cardboard, they operate on a standalone VR-headset, which does not require a computer, smartphone or games console to function.

As you probably know, Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR rely on the smartphone to provide VR-experience. Each device is quite different, but the principle is the same – you insert a compatible smartphone to the device and adjust it so that your eyes are well-seen image.

Details of the new stand-alone unit scarce, but WSJ reports that he is entitled to screen high-performance processor, and external cameras.

Google also decided to use sensors from the company Movidius, which will track your head movement. When asked to comment about working with Google, Movidius only recognized that they are cooperating with many companies.

As for the new Cardboard,

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