Google will display different search results



Now in the Google search engine versions, designed for mobile devices will change the way display information on the screen. Instead of URL-addresses will be displayed in the page layout branches Site. 

In Google we realized that on devices with small screens (eg smartphones and tablets), the search results are not displayed correctly. Before the green line under reference showed a URL, but on small screens greatly curtailed and did not carry any useful information.

When a user changes under the blue text links on the page will see the page position on the map of the site and to understand in which section and sub-section it is. So he will be able to determine whether this result is appropriate for him.

Google will display different search results

Google will display different search results

Changes will take effect at once due to the technical complexity of the introduction of such innovations. So far, so links will be displayed on the large US sites, but Google plans to gradually analyze the structure of smaller sites and sites of other countries and do a search on their pages more comfortable and clear for users of smartphones and tablets.

Innovations will affect how Google-specific apps and mobile site, open any browser gadget.

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