Google will establish full control over the Nexus

Google for quite a long time enjoyed by third-party manufacturers when it comes to the production of proprietary line of devices Nexus. But very soon this may change.

Google will establish full control over the Nexus

According to new reports, Google plans to introduce total control over the line of Nexus, to be free from any outside influence. Thus, everything from design to software design, development and production, will be borne by the company. Also, probably, the new smart phones will only have the Nexus logo.

It is likely that Google will continue to seek the help of the OEM-manufacturers, but everything else will be done by the company. It sounds exactly like what Google did with the Chromebook Pixel devices and Pixel C.

But why do they do it? To compete with Apple, apparently. This strategy will ensure that Google can create a product that is competitive enough. That explains why Google is aggressively marketing the Nexus came to 5X and Nexus 6P. The company launched advertising in prime time on television to try to increase the volume of sales, we’ve never seen before.

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