Google will introduce the Messaging chat-bots

Wall Street Journal continues to delight us with insider information. As reported edition, the Google is preparing to launch another intelligent messaging applications that will be able to compete with rivals like Facebook Messenger.

Google will introduce the Messaging chat-bots

Application Messaging, reportedly will use the power of Google artificial intelligence technology in the form of chat bots.

With the new chat-bot users will be able to obtain useful information from around the web. Users can ask questions about the weather, news or images, and the chatbot will respond accordingly.

Whatever it was, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have accumulated billions of users around the world, so Google will be difficult to compete in this segment.

The only way for a new messaging service – integration into Android.

While there’s no word on when Google is going to launch its new messaging service, but we hope that this will happen in the near future.

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