Google will introduce Vulkan API in Android

Yesterday at SIGGRAPH 2015, Google announced plans to bring the integration of Vulkan 3D Rendering API in the Android operating system. This may simplify the operation of mobile game developers, as it will provide greater control over rendering.

Google will introduce Vulkan API in Android

Vulkan provides applications direct control over GPU-acceleration for maximum performance and speed up the drawing.

In a blog post on the official Android Developers page, Google said that Vulkan is designed from the ground up to minimize the load on the CPU in the driver, and to enable the application to directly control the graphics processor.

Vulkan is an open standard of 3D-graphics and rendering, which is maintained by the Khronos. In comparison with the OpenGL ES 3.0, new API shows luchshkyu picture, what you can see it with this video.

Of course, in fairness it should be noted that the OpenGL ES 3 is not intended to render this volume details, however, it gives us the opportunity to understand the benefits of API Vulkan.

At the moment, for end users, the introduction of this API will not mean too much. But when the developers will go entirely to the use of Vulkan, we should see an increase in performance when running games, as well as increased rendering speed.

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