Google will launch a cloud rendering service August 20

In August last year, Google acquired Zync, service visual effects, allowing studios and independent artists render their work in «the cloud». Today the company announced that it plans to launch a beta version of the cloud-based platform Zync next week, August 20.

Google will launch a cloud rendering service August 20

Artists who want to use Zync, You can now sign up for the beta and get $ 300 in credits platforms to experience the service. That should be enough for about 100 hours of free rendering.

The service has a built-in cost calculator, so that users will know how much it will cost the rendering of their work.

Google noted that, although many studios have their own render farm, most of them do not have the resources or desire to create a render farm with similar capabilities.

According to statements by the search giant, the artists will have access to a dedicated in 1600 computational cores to carry out their tasks. Users also have access to support services that will respond to all questions within 4 hours.

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