Google will launch Accelerated Mobile Pages next year

The fact that Google is planning to accelerate the mobile Internet via Accelerated Mobile Pages Project technology has been known for a long time. And now the herd is known launch date of the project.

Google will launch Accelerated Mobile Pages next year

This week the company said it will launch the technology to Google Search at the end of February 2016. In addition, Google notes that Pinterest is already testing the acceleration of the pages in your mobile application, while Twitter and LinkedIn to join the project in early 2016.

Google also said that a number of new partners in the project, including messaging applications, LINE, Viber and Tango.

AMP was first announced in October this year, as an ambitious project aimed at trying to make the Internet more user-friendly on mobile devices.

The problem of web sites today is that many publishing sites use foreign code such as advertising, tracking scripts, fonts, and more, which slows down the page load time.

Facebook have eliminated this problem by “Instant articles” who was charged with a stripped-down version of the message directly in the news.

Google, like Facebook, takes a partnership approach and is already working with publishers, technology companies, service providers to support pages accelerator.

Google announces new partners and their specific plans to launch within weeks.

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