Google will release a competitor Gear VR

Google Cardboard – is available VR-headset, which is released to meet the basic needs of the user while not overpaying for materials and brand. But now, the search giant decided to finally gain a foothold in the market of virtual reality.

Google will release a competitor Gear VR

Cardboard soon will be replaced by products made from high quality materials. According to the Financial Times, the new VR-headset from Google will be made using a durable plastic and will differ higher quality lenses and advanced sensors. The publication says that the new VR-headset is similar to the Samsung Gear VR.

New Google VR require the use of a smartphone. As with Cardboard, the device will be placed inside the headset, but Google plans to add more features to VR became more closely integrated with the operating system Android. Also, the device will work with a wide range of controlled devices “green robot”.

Google is expected to go through a proven, similar to what they are doing with the Nexus devices, releasing flagship line of VR-set. At the same time, other manufacturers will also be allowed to make their own version of Google VR. So that the new device will follow in the footsteps of Google Cardboard.

As you know, Google has sold 5 million units Google Cardboard and according to CEO, Sundar Pichai – is just the beginning. During the conference call Alphabet, which was held last week, CEO Google said that in 2016 we will see a lot more from us, and from partners.

We can expect the launch of a new version of Google VR at the conference Google I / O. This year’s event will be held from 18 to 20 May. In this year’s Google I / O will be held in the amphitheater of Shoreline, located in Mountain View.

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