Google will review the rules for the Android One program

Since its launch at Google I / O 2014 budget Android One initiative did not succeed. The program promised to ensure timely updates directly from Google, a simple and easy-to-use software and even more ways to save on the high cost of data transmission.

Google will review the rules for the Android One program

As it turned out, not many people were interested in these devices, because other companies often offer the user more productive devices for the same money. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google plans to make the rules more flexible for producers and give partners Android One more options when it comes to the choice of functions and price.

Google and Lava plans to launch a new low-cost smartphone Android One in the next few months. This is the first software product created by the new rules.

One of the main complaints many Indian manufacturers were hardware limitations, which gave the manufacturers a few options for the majority of components.
It has helped Google to provide smartphones the ability to get the latest version of Android. But for manufacturers, this meant less flexibility in pricing, as well as slow product launch.

Of course, a new approach will partners greater freedom in the choice of components, but at the same time Android One smartphones will differ little from ordinary devices “clean” Android.

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