Google working on Android for cars

Android Compatibility Definition Document has already received a number of new requirements for OEM-manufacturers, who want to use a mobile operating system, the latest version from Google. Ars Technica found mention of automotive infotainment OS that will work directly on the vehicle.

Google working on Android for cars

What is Android Auto? Formally, this is not an operating system, and standard streaming Android-devices. This means that the smartphone or tablet using the app to broadcast a user interface on the touch screen of the car. Therefore, in ACDD there should be no mention of Android Auto.

However, in ACDD found 13 mentions of “Android Automotive”. A few of them actually belong to the main unit of the vehicle is running Android, which is quite different from Android Auto. Although some car manufacturers are already something like a much older versions of Android.

There are also references in the document, which indicates that Android Automotive can be supported web browser and get the buttons Back, Recent and Home, a complete operating system that Google developed for cars.

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