Google working on its own processor

Historically, that Google is not a company that manufactures equipment. Instead, the Google bet on partnerships with OEM-manufacturers to produce devices such as the Nexus and Chromebook. This changed line Chromebook Pixel, in particular, with the tablet Pixel C, which was designed and built by Google, though it was equipped with a processor from Nvidia.

Google working on its own processor

A new leak suggests that the Google, may be planning to start designing its own processors for future products. And first of all it will concern Pixel line.

There are several reasons why Google might want to develop in this direction. To begin with, it will give us more control over the power and performance of their future products. Companies such as Samsung and Apple have long used proprietary chips. A Tegra X1 in a pixel with packages in some serious graphics hardware and popular large. Google also might want more control configuration of supported peripherals, such as the light-sensitive matrix.

In addition, the transition to self-development can improve Google products brands. There is no doubt that Apple is working on every part of the product to create a premium brand image. Especially considering that the Nexus-devices do not have always the best build quality.

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