Google X has been renamed

Since Google reorganized and renamed themselves the Alphabet, it is not known how it will be called Google X – the super-secret unit, working on projects, the ability to completely change the world. For example, self-managed cars.

Google X has been renamed

Now the unit has received the name X, and Google does not stop on the introduction of new projects. Their last move – a completely new division – Robotics.

After the departure of Andy Rubin in 2014, the number of company acquisitions decreased. Google could not organize their projects so as to give them enough attention.

Google Now will connect the newly created Department of robotics in X, to better organize and integrate such promising companies like Boston Dynamics.

With the renewed vigor of the two companies, we hope to see a lot of amazing things. It is possible that we will see one of their new inventions at the upcoming conference Google I / O 2016, which will take place between May 18 and 20 at Mountain View.

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