Hangouts 8.0: new features for Android N

Android N povlёk for a lot of changes in the basic aspects of using Android. In particular, the new notification and management. As expected, the first application that will use the new features, will be services from Google, in particular, Hangouts 8.0.

Hangouts 8.0: new features for Android N

Google idea is to group notification instead they are displayed one by one. This will help users better navigate in your inbox different messengers. Moreover, it has been redesigned fast response mode.

For example, if the previous version of Hangouts user to respond only to the new last message, however, the new version of the application offers the opportunity to respond to any of the incoming messages straight from the notification bar.

It is worth noting another interesting innovation – the image in the new version of Hangouts come with rounded corners. This was another aspect that was not present in the previous version of Hangouts on your Android N.

A new version of Hangouts is already available on Google Play, however, none of these changes does not work on devices that do not have an operating system Android N.

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