Hangouts allows to communicate without a Google Account

Hangouts – is an amazing product, but so far it has been limited to users who do not have a Google account. This makes some sense – the application service is the search giant, but there are some people who do not want and do not intend to register at Google.

Hangouts allows to communicate without a Google Account

Hangouts now became open to all, no matter whether the user has a Google Account or not. In Google believes that joining Hangouts should be as simple as the entrance to the room in the room.

To create a video chat with users who are not logged into Google, enough to pursue the simple instructions:
New to Google Calendar invitation to the meeting and invited guests on the e-mail.
Your guests will receive an invitation to the Calendar, which contains the Hangouts, further guests must click on a link that will offer to fill in the name.
As an additional precaution, the session moderator will also have to accept / reject a guest account. Moderator will have a standard set of functions moderator – disconnecting users, removing users, and so on..

This is a great opportunity and Google believe that in this way they increase the inflow of users to their already popular videoconferencing service.

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