Hangouts has received a number of new features

For the traditional time of the update software from Google it is still too early, but it seems that the deployment of the new version of Hangouts for Android users started today. As usual, the update brings some visual changes, but there are also a few interesting features.

Hangouts has received a number of new features

In Hangouts 7.0 have been added to quick answers in pop-up notifications that you will see when a message arrives. So when you get a new message notification, you can click «reply» and write the answer in a small window.

Unfortunately, the answer appears only when there is only one unread message. If you have more than one, a quick response is not available.

Another nice feature – it is the ability to add shortcuts conversations to the home screen. In conversation, a new menu option «Save on home screen»Clicking on that icon on the home screen with the image of the contact appears.

Finally, the update displays pop-up messages, urging users to test the Messenger application. Rumor has it that Google is going to remove functionality from Hangouts and SMS message is to confirm this rumor.

As always, the update will be available on Google Play for a few days.

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