Hangouts will start to use p2p-Connect

Improving communication in Hangouts – one of the most common requests from Android users. According to rumors, the end of last year, Google began work on in order to improve the chat client, removing the possibility to send SMS. Now it turned out that Hangouts will use peer connections when possible.

Hangouts will start to use p2p-Connect

Last week, an updated version of Hangouts advised users to switch to Google Messenger, alluding to the fact that the features of SMS can be removed in the future.

At the same time after the upgrade, some users began to see hints during a call stating that Hangouts will improve the quality of future calls are routed through a direct, peer relationship, when possible.

The new support page, which appeared with new functionality, accompanied by parts, according to which a direct connection to the person you are calling is more efficient than routing the call through Google’s servers.

It is noted that a direct connection between you and another person opens both IP-addresses, though there is no direct way to verify this through Hangouts user interface.

Presumably, to see the result of a direct connection, the user will need to call the person again.

At the same time it was announced that CTO Voxer, messaging applications with radio function, has recently joined the Google team. Perhaps soon these options will also appear through Hangouts.

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