Hard reset SONY ERICSSON Xperia Neo (MT15i) – remove the pattern, reset

Hard reset SONY ERICSSON Xperia Neo (MT15i) - remove the pattern, reset

Operation hard reset SONY ERICSSON Xperia Neo will be necessary if you simply:

  • Xperia Neo began to slow down and hang out;

  • If you forget your google account password on the Xperia Neo;

  • Xperia Neo says “Too many attempts to enter a pattern”;

  • If the user forgets Xperia Neo unlock;

  • If you want to return the Xperia Neo factory settings;

  • If you just want to clear my phone SONY ERICSSON.

When hard reset Xperia Neo, will happen to the factory reset, all user files and settings will be deleted. Therefore, before a hard reset procedure SONY ERICSSON smartphone, save the data you need (contacts, sms, photos, videos, music).
Also deletes all user applications installed previously. To save the data, you can use Titanium Backup, statements concerning the possibility of data recovery after a hard reset SONY ERICSSON.

How to hard reset Xperia Neo

The first method:

  1. If the phone is off, turn.

  2. Next, go to settings -gt; Privacy (recovery and disposal).

  3. press Reset to Factory Settings and Reset.

  4. Select Delete everything, if you are sure you want to clear all data.

  5. press OK to confirm the process.

Second method:

  1. Download PC Companion.

  2. Install it on your PC and run.

  3. You will see a screen with 4 options.

  4. Select Support Zone New and press Start.

  5. Wait until the program installs the appropriate supplement.

  6. You will see a window with three options.

  7. Go to Phone / Tablet Software Update and press Start.

  8. Select smart phone \ tablet recovery.

  9. Follow the instructions and agree to the changes.

  10. Be patient and wait for the completion of a PC to update your Xperia Neo.

  11. Select your phone / tablet model.

  12. If you see a box, connect the device to your computer.

  13. Wait until the process is complete.

More details to this method can be found on our website by clicking on the link.

The third way:

  1. press Food to turn on your phone.

  2. press call and enter the * # * # 7378423 # * # *.

  3. In the menu, select Customization Settings, Further Reset customization.

  4. Confirm: data will be cleared and factory reset will perform.

  5. accept by pressing Reset customization and reboot.

  6. Wait until the process is complete.

Videotutorial on another example of Sony smartphone:

Download all files

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