zte b880 hard reset pc tool

zte b880 hard reset pc tool

This tutorial article will show how to factory reset on zte b880 without a long wait, contacting the service center and help from Avito ads. Trevor Atkins Android Master from Lithuania – we are very grateful for your help in writing a step by step guide to reset.

Why do you need a factory reset on Android

  • Sudden restarts, freezes and shutdowns zte b880.
  • Application crashes for no reason and with a bunch of errors.
  • The phone does not respond to your actions or the response is very slow.
  • When purchasing a phone from hands on ad or on the market.
  • Desire to free memory quickly.

Of course, you can spend money on a new smartphone, but it makes sense to pay when you can fix it yourself.

zte b880 android hard reset

In this manual, we decided to do without engineering codes and menu recovery, to perform a quick reset, we will use a special utility on the PC, it’s simple and reliable. Clicked the button and done.

Attention! Performing a reset, hard reset, or factory reset will erase the data. You will receive a smartphone as if it came off the assembly line.

What need to do:

zte b880 hard reset pc tool
  1. Download free software ZYKUReset on PC.
  2. Connect zte b880 to computer via cable in file transfer mode.
  3. Run ZYKUReset (no installation required).
  4. Press Wipe Data / Start Reset, get a notification that the reset has started, you can pour coffee and look at the monitor.
    zte b880 hard reset pc tool
  5. Press Ok, wait for the end.
    zte b880 hard reset pc tool
  6. Now everything is ready, the smartphone will reboot. If not, please reboot yourself.

As you can see, nothing complicated, Android is simple.

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