Helio X10 has a problem with connection

Recently, we have seen a number of low-cost smartphones running on Helio X10. Initially, the chipset has been available only for serednego range smartphone, but suddenly began to be equipped with a more affordable device. But it looks like the chip may have some problems.

Helio X10 has a problem with connection

When was released Meizu MX5, many users in various forums reported problems related to Wi-Fi. Members Redmi 3 will soon put forward a similar charges, in fact, as the owners of Le 1C.

Earlier it was said that the cause of the problem can be MIUI or Flyme. But since many users of smart phones from different manufacturers are experiencing the same problem, it seems, the culprit is still Helio X10.

So, if you experience problems connecting to a wireless phone with MT6795 processor, it is likely that this chipset – the cause of the problem.

We still do not know how serious the bug fixes in terms, but even if it is small, waiting patch takes a lot of time.

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