Helio X12 existence is in question

A few days ago, we received a message that MediaTek is working on a slightly modernized version of an existing chip MT6795, better known as Helio the X10, which will be called Helio X12.

Helio X12 existence is in question

According to insiders, who shared information with the Chinese media site IT68, in fact, this chip can not exist. So the rumors about MT6795X could be fake.

A recent report stated that the X12 chipset will be used in the smartphone Redmi 3, the output of which is expected in early 2016.

However, it was surprising, given that the Redmi 3 is a budget smartphone, and it would be really crazy for Xiaomi equipment processor mid-range to entry-level device that can cost about 599 yuan ($ 94).

But although SoC X12 can not exist, we are absolutely sure that the Xiaomi Redmi 3 release early 2016. So, it would be interesting to see which processor Xiaomi plans to use in this device.

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