Hidden Features Android Auto

Android Auto is a comfortable and functional service, however, it is still far from being a substitute for automotive systems available on the market. But be that as it However, Google is working hard to increase the Android Auto features. Obzorschikov from Ars Technica dug in the Developer menu, and have found a few features that will soon be available in Android Auto.

Car diagnostics

Most users will see a screen «Car» pretty basic. But, it seems, Google has big plans for this page. Enabling developer mode adds to the screen four new paragraphs: «car check». «service history». «Help on the road» and «More automotive applications».

«car check» It will allow you to see the current status of the vehicle. Point is responsible for checking the pressure in the tire air, an oil and more. «service history» will drive the car service accounting and «Help on the road» It will come out of adverse situations while traveling.

Hidden Features Android Auto

Hidden sensors

After reviewing the code, it became clear that the system supports sensors that are not used at this time. Here’s the full list:

  • Compass
  • Car speed
  • GPS
  • Night data
  • accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • These RPM
  • Odometer
  • data protection
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • The fuel level (at a distance of, in percent, a low level warning)
  • These HVAC (current temperature, the target temperature)
  • data Transmission
  • driving status (full restrictions, message limit, no keyboard, no video, no voice output indefinitely)

Also in the document means that the system will know whether the car passenger to unlock some features that, otherwise, for security reasons, will be blocked.


Findings give us hope that soon Android Auto will not just navigation and multimedia. You just need a little polish system and add useful functionality, and to begin with, found hidden settings would be quite enough.

Hidden Features Android Auto

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