How to root vivo X21 UD

How to root vivo X21 UD

Dear readers, in this article we will tell you how to get root rights to vivo X21 UD, running on Android OS, in order to fully unlock the potential of the device. I would recommend using the first instruction, since it is the fastest.

Root on Android OS

These are the superuser’s rights in the Android operating system (in other words, these are elevated privileges). You can control the clock speed of the processor and video adapter, accelerate, remove unnecessary APK applications, including those pre-installed by the developer, read more here .

Get root vivo X21 UD

Owners of Rootgadget website are not responsible for your actions! The site has free programs and work instructions, if you have any difficulties with any method, write your question through the comment system. Before doing this, try again or use a different method. When contacting, specify the model of the device, the version of Android. If you could not get a positive result, please describe your problem through the comment system, specifying the version of Android and the model of the mobile device. This should be done if you have experienced many methods and have not been successful.

Method number 1 – the program Rootkhp Pro 2.1

How to root vivo X21 UD


  1. Download Rootkhp Pro 2.1
  2. Connect a mobile device to the computer
  3. The program runs without installation
  4. Click on the orange button Root and wait for the message that the work has begun


    How to root vivo X21 UD


  5. We wait about 10 minutes and notice that everything is ready


    How to root vivo X21 UD


The second option is Zykuroot for PC

How to root vivo X21 UD
  1. Download Zykuroot on your computer with 
  2. Run without installation
  3. Press the root button
  4. We are waiting for the result on average to be 10-20 minutes, apparently, depending on the device, Android version and other factors.
How to root vivo X21 UD

The third option is the Kingo program

  • Download KingoRoot on computer
  • Install and run
  • Enable USB Debug on Android


    How to root vivo X21 UD


  • Connect the mobile device through the microUSB cord
  • Wait for a notification when your device is detected by Kingo

    How to root vivo X21 UD

  • Click the Root button (located down the middle)

    How to root vivo X21 UD


    How to root vivo X21 UD


    How to root vivo X21 UD

  • Wait until the process is finished and the device is rebooted.

Below is a video showing how to work with the program.

Option 4 – Root Genius

  • From our website or official download the program Root Genius
  • Turn on USB debugging on your device (USB Debugging) and connect it to your computer using a microUSB wire
    How to root vivo X21 UD
    How to root vivo X21 UD

    • Wait until your device determines the device
    • Click "Root now" and the process starts
How to root vivo X21 UD
After the completion of the rerun, reboot the smartphone and check the device for root availability by watching the video.
How to root vivo X21 UD
Those who have not succeeded, see the video showing how to work with RootGenius, see below.

If you know how to install CyanogenMod firmware on the vivo X21 UD. Or tried to install MIUI, Illusion ROMS, Paranoid Android, PAC ROM, AOKP for this model, share information in the comments. Negative experience is also suitable.


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