How to Unlock your pattern key

How to unlock your unlock screen unlock
how to unlock, reset, remove, graphic key

Forgot graphic key on your smartphone or tablet running the operating system Android? There are many ways take off graphic key on your mobile device.

how unlock unlock pattern 

  • The first method is addressed to an old smartphone and a tablet – under this concept, I mean device with a version of the Android operating system to 2.2. The owners of these devices can very simple disable 1 graphic key movement. Just make a call on the smartphone, reply and at this time, is is a conversation, go to the security settings, Remove unlock pattern;
  • Methods bought from service Unfortunately I can not disclose;

  • The second method. Wait until the battery discharged to nearly 0%, everyone knows that he is discharged quickly, since energy conservation is not very optimized, except for Android Marshmallow.  When you see notification that the battery is almost sat – go to the Status menu battery, then return to the Main Menu -gt; Settings -gt; Privacy-gt; Screen lock and Disconnect protection graphical key;
  • The third way. Take five unsuccessful attempts to enter the key, you will see an offer enter your personal details (username and password) from Google account, then the lock comes off.  If you have lost your login and password on the account, try to recover them using assistance service support Google;
  • The fourth method. Go to the menu Recovery (Power button + volume up) Choose the paragraph factory reset or wipe data / factory reset and all the security settings are reset;
  • The fifth method. Make a re-flash ustroystvavrёte 🙂  . you can do re-flash gadget;
  • If absolutely nothing helped watch the video how to reset the unlock pattern.

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