HTC 10 will be launched on April 15?

HTC 10 will be launched on April 15?

We already know that HTC will be 10 officially declared April 12 as the HTC themselves have confirmed that hold major press event on that day. But when a new smartphone hit the market?

HTC 10 will be launched on April 15?

According ePrice, HTC smart phone 10 is likely to be launched on April 15 in Taiwan. Since Taiwan is home to HTC, the country can get a smartphone before the rest of the world, so that we may have to wait a little longer before you see the HTC 10 on the shelves of the global market.

In fact, a couple months ago, we heard that the smartphone will be released in the US until the beginning of May, although it could reach other markets on 19 April. Unfortunately we can not confirm any of those dates.

HTC has already shared information about the forthcoming flagship device, including the fact that he was going to propose a new Boom Audio technology, plus smart phone will be equipped with a camera “world class”.

HTC will also be equipped with a Snapdragon processor 820, Quad HD-display diagonal of 5.15 inches, 4 GB of RAM, 16, 32 and 64 GB of internal memory and a battery of 3000 mAh.

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