HTC has undergone 10 tests of strength

Recently JerryRigEverything made some pretty extreme test of flagship smartphones. They include smartphone bending, fire screen test, trying to scratch the rear panel, camera and more. Last year’s One M9 has shown itself not very good in these tests, to break in half. But HTC 10 was much better.

HTC has undergone 10 tests of strength

First it was tested display device, which is protected by glass Gorilla Glass 4, as well as many other flagships. He found that the glass is just as hard to scratch, as well as on other new flagships. Then, the front camera in this manner was tested, which is also protected by the glass instead of plastic, as in M9.

As expected, the glass also has undergone almost no scratches. Then test decided to start scratching the back of the HTC 10. He showed us that it really is made of metal, not plastic layers, as in LG G5. Interestingly, HTC 10 back panel keys scratched, but scratches rubbing panel makes almost imperceptible.

The main camera has a fairly thick layer of glass, and it is virtually impossible to scratch. This is not a sapphire crystal, but it protects the camera sensor is quite good. flame test was also quite interesting. Display smartphone held about 9 seconds. It is much longer than the competition.

It is also nice to see that the smartphone is well managed with a bending test. During the test, the device is not only not broken, but practically not bent.

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